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who is this guy?

First off, thanks for taking a look at  I believe that all of us have a chance to live exciting, connected, and fruitful lives through all the ups and downs we go through.  There are amazing things we can all experience in the lives we live and the stories that we see, hear, and tell.  I believe God has purpose for all of us and following that purpose can sometimes be scary, often adventurous, but always full of joy in the end.  It’s not always easy to see or believe that.  However, in these things that I share, I hope that you can see how God is all around us in beauty, love, and grace.

So enjoy these thoughts and if you find that they give you something to think about or help you see God in your life, then make sure and follow me or subscribe to my site.  If you really like something, make sure and tell others.. if it helps anyone even just a little, I’ll be grateful and count it as a blessing.

So who is Jud McLeod? the simplest explanation is this:.. father.. servant to youth and their families, listener for guidance and truth, leaner on faith, hope, and love


  1. jessie richardson permalink

    so precious!

    • Thanks so much! It was a precious moment.. My words can’t give half of the beauty that was actually there!

  2. Edwina Franzen Ledel permalink

    love this photo of you and your son..and especially the one of yall walking down the rail road tracks . he is so cute oh and i love your blog too Happy Saturday Cuz

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