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We live in a world of finite….. don’t we?

November 7, 2013

As Schylor has really begun to enjoy the second half of his time of being 4 years old, he has started to gain an appreciation of the number. His appreciation ranges from being able to recognize the number to his knack for now organizing things in groups of 4. I have also noticed that his appreciation has grown for the relationships of numbers as well. He understands that 4 isn’t quite as cool as 5. He understands that becoming a “big boy” and growing has a proportion to the “number of years you are.”


I then scratched my head as this week I have begun to notice that he is asking for the time. It’s a natural thing for him to begin to develop this knowledge of numbers and quantifying things.

See that’s the thing. We live in a world of finite….. don’t we? It’s a question worth exploring.

The song from Rent, “Seasons of Love” tell us that we have 525,600 minutes in a year.
Kris Allen says we have 86,400 seconds in our 365 days of those years..
When I was young and falling in love with baseball, I was highly concerned about the fact that the Astros only had 27 outs in each game!! Sadly I think even if they would’ve had 42 this year it still wouldn’t have helped..

Our finite world leads us to get caught up in its numbers and we can get swept away all too easily. There is the size of our paycheck, the size of our home, the number of trophies on our shelf, the number of friends we have on facebook or followers on twitter, or even the number of views on our blog (psst!!! Go tell your friends about!!)

“WAITT!!! STOPP!!”, I hear the voices in my head say as even I get carried away with it.

It’s interesting how as humans we can find affirmation in those numbers. Isn’t that something? We find affirmation in finite things when we serve a Creator that deals in infinites. We measure happiness in the number of things we have or the things we have done instead of finding peace in the fact that we are blessed beyond measure.

The author Donald Miller talks a lot about living better stories. Quantifying our happiness with world’s finites can be a dangerous thing. Why? Well, I think that if we aren’t careful we can let some these numbers be misleading when it comes to the kind of stories that we are telling with our lives. What I mean is this: Are you letting the chase for a number lead you into just another boring or pointless story?

I work with young people and have had lots of conversations about how they have gotten caught up in finite numbers: How much money they are going to make, How many championships will they win, How much they are going to drink at the party this weekend.
My prayers for them is that they don’t get caught up in that chase for finite things, but instead they ask this question: How will they impact the world and make it a better place?

My belief is that the answer to that question isn’t quantifiable. I believe that when we live with a focus on making the world a better place we begin to understand that the other finites don’t matter. I believe that we will begin to see that everything we do to make the world better and to serve and love others; no matter big or how small will lead to unquantifiable blessings for those that we are called to serve. Living that kind of life can lead to a life of blessings beyond measure. Seriously, beyond measure!!! You can count on not being able to count them.

And making the world a better place… When you go there that’s where you find all the cool stories.

So …Do we live in a world of finite? Well, you don’t have to, the choice is all yours!

God’s Peace

P.S. If you want to see some proof of God’s infiniteness.. take a look a and you’ll see proof when you see beauty in creation that can’t be measured!!


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