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Taking your Touchdown Dance (and love) Seriously

September 25, 2012

LSU football, the ultimate gumbo!

Now that football season is underway (no this is not a post of misery about my winless Saints), I find myself getting caught up in what some affectionately call “The Pageantry” of the game.  After all many have heard about Friday nights here in Texas and all that high school football in this state encompasses.  The bands, the players, the rivalries; all of these serve as ingredients in the recipe that serve up a healthy dose of action every weekend.  The appetizer of Friday night lights give way to a college football Saturdays and then on to the desert of NFL football on Sundays.

However, watching football often brings back an important question I’ve had since my childhood.  Like most boys in this country, at some point in my life I have imagined being a pro football star.  Taking the moments of a pick-up football game during a playground recess and turning them into the fields of glory where I could score the winning touchdown.  Of course the crowd and teammates would rise with shouts of triumph as we entered into this moment of victory.  This is where we come to one of the most important aspects of being a NFL star.  Have no doubts that as kids growing up a lot of time was spent working on what is not a small technicality: The Endzone Dance.

Every star has that signature dance/celebration.  I wonder what kind of signature dance I would have to celebrate the touchdowns I would make… Would it be as simple as the dunk over the goal post like Jimmy Graham?   Would I have a well known slide or shuffle, borrowing from greats like Deion Sanders and Ickey Woods?

Mr. Elbert “Ickey” Woods, creator of the Ickey Shuffle

The end zone dance has become a well-documented phenomenon of American football life.  In our everyday life we have chances for many touchdowns and many victories.  How do we celebrate them?

My son and I often spend some time on my tablet playing an educational game.  As he gets better and better at recognizing his shapes and letters there is a touchdown dance and high five almost every time!   He’s three years old, so we have had celebration of life’s touchdowns and victories.  Using the potty, a good day at school, a trip to the zoo; these have all been touchdowns that we have celebrated over the last few months.   Every night after getting out of the bath he celebrates by giving the best dance and shake he can….what makes it funny at this point in his life is that he does it before he puts on his pajamas.  Every day, if I keep my eyes open he and I score touchdowns that help make each day feel like a win for the home team.

Sometimes it’s hard to find reason to celebrate anything in our lives.  Sometimes it’s hard to realize that we have gotten into the end zone.  Often enough we feel like all that we do just leaves us in situations that call for a punt while we see others marching up and down the field…

Now many that know me understand that I can be cheesy.  Many who know me have also grown to understand that I am definitely an idealist and in many ways an eternal optimist.  However I have learned lessons that have helped me embrace the touchdowns that I have been lucky enough to score.

One such lesson?  Never be afraid to take love seriously.

Some of the greatest stories, some of the most amazing touchdowns of life that we have seen come from those that live great lives.  One thing I’ve always noticed about people that live great lives is that they are never afraid to take love seriously.  They also make sure that the people around them, the people they love, and since people like this often serve in some way… they make sure that the people they serve know that they will never be afraid to do that; to take love seriously.

In the Bible, Ruth wasn’t afraid to take her mother-in-law’s love seriously.  David wasn’t afraid to take God’s love seriously.  The prophets called for all of us to not be afraid to take God’s love seriously.  And isn’t one of the greatest things about the gospel itself is the fact that God shows us in his incarnation as Christ that he was not afraid to take his love for us seriously?

As I have grown into my relationship with Christ I have made the decision to not be afraid to take love seriously.  I have come to believe less and less in blind coincidence and more and more in prevenient grace and providence and purpose.  I have chosen to believe that there is a higher power that helps guide us along the paths we follow and the people we cross paths with. I have also found out that we can choose to take the chance to love those people seriously.  That in turn has led to more and more relationships with depth and meaning and purpose.  Relationships that give reason for celebrating the many victories we can have in this life.

I have friends, people that I’m lucky enough to have relationships with that are in the midst of struggle.  People that feel like they just keep getting trucked and having to punt… You may be in one of these times as well.  Just know that I’m pulling for you and praying for you.  I hope you choose to not be afraid to take love seriously.  And I hope that in taking love seriously, you find yourself finding moments, big and small, to celebrate with your own signature touchdown dance…

God’s Peace!


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  1. greta permalink

    WOW!!!! Thanks Judd, I needed this at this time. 🙂

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