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Looking For Answers to the Wrong Questions

September 17, 2012


One of the favorite things that my son likes to do when we go to a playground is find the tubes with the little speakers on the end of them.

“Daddy! Go over there and talk to me!” he’ll shout as he runs to one end.

I’ll go over and we carry on a great conversation, asking questions telling me whatever is on his little mind. He is enthralled by the magic of being able to communicate in this way. You can here the giggle in his voice the whole time. Almost always his first question is, “Daddy, what are you doing?”. Since he is three years old his next question is usually, “Why?”

We often find ourselves looking for reasons. Maybe you are a believer like me, maybe you are not… I would be willing to bet that at some point you have asked God, a cosmic force, or the world, “What are you doing?” and “Why?”. Don’t we wish it would be as easy as going to the other end of the tube with the little speaker on it and asking “Why?”, knowing we would get an answer right away…

Do you think that sometimes we may be asking the wrong questions? As humans we can get frustrated really easy with some answers that we get. But maybe we shouldn’t be getting mad about the answers instead of taking a look at the questions that we ask. Is this maybe the skill of the best debaters or those skilled lawyers like we see on TV? That ability to shape questions so that the answer a witness gives leads to the result that the questioner has already predetermined that they want to go…

The thing is, this life, this world, and these moments that we live in aren’t always predetermined are they?

As a guy that has been called to work with young people I think about these questions a lot. For example we often ask:
Where will you be in 10 years?
Perhaps the better question to be asking young people is something like:
How much will you have changed the world in 10 years?
Or maybe:
In the next 10 years, how many people would have seen God working in your life and been moved to explore the calling of a relationship with their Creator?

When we start to ask questions like that we start to get different kinds of answers.

Now don’t misconstrue what I’m saying here when it comes to asking questions and wanting answers from God. You won’t be able to get what you want from God because you are a skilled debater or know how to get what you want by using tricky questions. The God who created us isn’t here to debate with us. God is way to powerful and amazing to understand, much less debate. The Creator is also one that can’t be manipulated with a line of questions. He deals with straight forward naked honesty and intimacy. When we are pissed off at God, he’s okay with hearing that. When we are scared or confused, he is okay with hearing that How blessed are we that he deals with us in this naked honesty and intimacy not out of a sense of aloofness but because of his love for us.

I know that God feels us in our naked honesty and intimacy. He is a God that has expresses emotion. He heard the cries of the Israelites. As Jesus, he wept. He did that in moments of straight forward naked and honest intimacy with us and for us.

In moments of pain, loss, or moments of life serving up a crap sandwich; the feeling I hate the most is the feeling of insecurity. Insecurity makes me lose courage. It makes me question paths I’ve chosen and decisions I’ve made. It makes me focus on my shortcomings and faults. It makes me look at myself and doubt. It makes me wonder if I’m truly loved. It makes me doubt God’s presence. It makes me look up into the sky and ask with doubt…

“Where are you?”

I have often asked the wrong question, too. I have often asked “Where are you?” instead of asking, “God, where are we going with this?”

It’s taken me a long time to learn to ask the second question. Through all my trials, I learned that while God heard the first question, I would be too wrapped up in my insecurity to know that he was there the whole time. That it wasn’t him that made something bad happen, or let something bad happen because he went away for a bit. I don’t know if you believe or where you may be in your journey of relationship and faith.. But trust me, God is there.

When I start to ask the second question though, I begin to understand a little more. I start to realize that the place we are going is going to involve growth, learning, trust, and patience. I begin to know and own he fact that there is purpose in all things. A purpose that may not be understood till I look down the road behind me and realize God and I are at place called “the answer to the question you had about where we are going”.

I can’t begin to understand why God doesn’t answer right away. I do believe that the Creator gives us the answers when he believes that it is time for us to know. Often that time isn’t until we’ve trusted…Till we believe in God’s love for us and take the leap of faith to start stepping away from the insecurity of the hard, low moments of life.

Maybe that is the kind of trust and belief that doesn’t come from something too easy.. Like going to the other end of the tube with the little speaker on the playground.

God’s Peace


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  1. Athompson:)!!!!!! permalink

    Hey jud I liked the story about asking all the wrong questions next time I’ll stop and think twice

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