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Lost Wifi Connection Turns Out To Not Be The End of World

September 13, 2012

“When I go astray,
When I lose my way,
Honey I go down,
To the wishing well”– Ryan Bingham from the song Wishing Well

I lost my Internet yesterday. Well, to be specific, the Wi-Fi in the youth building where I work.  I still had connection to the desktop but was ready to throw a fit to rival my 3 year old’s best ones since I couldn’t be connected on my iPad anywhere in the building.  I was hoping to show some point-of-view roller coaster video for the lesson the small groups would be discussing.  But no, ye evil gods of Wi-Fi! The inconvenience of being unconnected had me in an unhappy place.   In losing connection I thought I had gotten lost for the night!

Wouldn’t you know it, the lesson turned out fine.  The four small groups seem to have had great conversations.  The lack of an Internet connection was not a problem at all for them.  Of course they have authentic connections that truly matter.  They work on making those connections with each other stronger.  I dare say that they are working to make those connections unconditional.

We live in a world that is more connected than ever before, yet if we aren’t careful we find ourselves dependent on the wrong connections.  Often times it isn’t until we have gone astray and lost our way that we have to stop, and retrace our connection back to the things that really matter.  In the Bingham song that would be the wishing well.  What is it for you?

A world where you have connections running from your soul to your Creator, to your family, to your job, to the bills that you need to pay, to the time that is passing by, to the culture that wants to be your basis of validity, to a status, to power, to the person that just flirted with you, to the escape you need, to the competition.. Whew… In this world it is easy to get lost.  Or worse, it’s easy to feel all of those connections pull us apart.  Once we start to get pulled apart, it’s not just us… All of the important connections can get pulled apart as well.

“Said I’ve been gone for so long
I think the devil lost my name” RB- The Wishing Well

It is easy to let lots of unreal connections come between us and the ones that are truly authentic.  It is easy to lose sight of the fact that there are connections that are most important.  It is easy to lose sight of the fact that every connection we make can be one that makes the world a better place or that just makes it a place.

I consider myself blessed, when doing what I do; I get to witness young people begin to make connections between what they may be doing and a full, purposeful and Godly life.  In the junior high boys group last night, an 8th grader told the story about seeing another member of the group that is a 7th grader in the halls at school the last few weeks.  The older youth made a remark at how much he enjoyed the few minutes every day to hang out with this quiet, unassuming guy in a place outside of church.  The 7th grader shrugged it off as no big deal with his words.

However, the lift of his chin, the rise of his shoulders, his unspoken words affirmed how much he appreciated a real connection.  A connection, which if nurtured and taken care of, will be one that lasts.  One of the real connections that may bring them back when all the other connections threaten to pull their individual lives apart.  There was beauty in the fact that the two young men didn’t even realize what was going on in the background, underneath their actions.

Later in the conversation we revisited what was going on there.  Eyes were opened as they began to think about how a simple decision was making a change.  They thought that it was a simple connection until they began to imagine what it could mean.  They began to realize that there was something cool happening.  This thing called hope was wrapping around the cords of the connection and making it stronger!

I urge you to check your connections. Disconnect from what isn’t pure, what isn’t authentic. Grace isn’t always easy, but it’s always free.  Put faith and hope in that grace as you work hour way back to the connections that really matter.  Make sure the ones that really matter are solid and strong.  If you need to work on them, may your sweat pour until you get the work done to solidify them.  And I hope you know that when working for this great good that you are never working alone.


My favorite connection and me. Amazing photo credit due to my friend at

When I lose my way, when I go astray… When I find I am starting to lose connection I get back to the connection that matters so much to me.  My son brings me back to everything so quick, reminding me of my connection to him, to my love for him, and to God who has blessed me with him.  That unconditional love that God has for me that has been shown to me by being a father is the connection that puts all others into perspective…May God Bless you and your true connections

God’s Peace


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    • Thanks Kimberly! And thanks so much for your photos and how you captured that most important connection!

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