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Is That Hard Dried Up ol French Fry Good For Your Car?

March 6, 2012


So if you have ridden with me anywhere at anytime, there is a chance you saw me clearing out a spot in my car and heard me apologize to you about the clutter inside it. There is no doubt that I seem to be really good at accumulating things in my car. At this very moment you will probably find a jacket, a half filled water bottle, a pull-up of Schylor’s (used? Surely not!), an empty McDonald’s bag.. It’s never as bad as the picture up there, but it’s gotten pretty rough!

Now I know that I am not the only one who ends up finding their vehicle cluttered with usable things and trash that needs to get thrown away. I have always truly appreciated the people that keep their car spotless, even while spending a large amount of time in it. Then there are those of us that find it a never ending battle to get all of that stuff out of our car and keep it nice clean and a welcoming place to ride.

But even those that do such a good job with not having that extra clutter in the car, sometimes don’t do a good job of not bringing that stuff with us into our relationships. If your soul is the vehicle in this journey, how much clutter have you accumulated over the years?

Baggage, drama, resentment, anger… These are all things that we pick up in our life’s travels and in turn let it become clutter that is weighing us down or that just plain stinks. While it can be easy to set aside just a few minutes to clean out our car; for some of us it is nearly unthinkable to get rid of the things that can make a ride along in a relationship such an unpleasant experience. In fact most of the times it has become such a part of our lives that we don’t even realize that we are bringing it with us into the relationships we form on our journey.

I know that I do have struggles sometimes with letting anger and resentment clutter stay around too long. Truly it is by God’s grace alone that I am able to get rid of it, but it is something that I do realize is worth keeping a look out for. Unlike some people that can easily take things like anger or resentment and just throw it away or get it out of their system, I have to be a bit careful with my angry clutter.

A very close friend of mine helped me make sense of the way I deal with those emotions one time. He looked at me and said its like there is a circle in my chest, think Ironman if you will. He said most of the time that circle is glowing with a light happy-go-lucky glow. However, when there is anger, depending on the intensity, that circle turns red, to a hot glowing fire of red. Now that is fine and all, but as he says, “Jud, you never let that heat, that fire, that anger, get out of that small circle right there. And it’s only the ones that truly know you that ever even see that much.”

Now that is somewhat of a blessing in being able to control that anger in our relationships but if it isn’t dealt with properly it will rot, corrupt, and find its way into our relationships with others and with our Creator. If we don’t surrender and ask for help, that clutter will never get cleaned out.

Surrendering all of that baggage isn’t always fun. And don’t doubt that well, a true authentic moment of surrender isn’t always a flattering place to be (by the world’s standards at least). I think of the passage in Luke when the woman is bathing Christ’s feet with her tears and rinsing them with her perfume. That is authentic surrender. It is not pretty, there are tears, and you do end up on your knees. But in the end, we saw that Christ, full of love and grace, let her know that there was no more clutter, no more baggage, that her soul once more was ready for a glorious ride following Him.

How cool is that?

I pray that you ask for help, that you surrender and find that the clutter is gone so that your soul is clean, welcoming, and a comfortable place for all of your relationships that ride along with you in this journey.

Godspeed and God’s Peace!


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  1. Great post! I can relate…

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