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I dare you to jump into some Courage!

February 29, 2012


Doing what I do, I am blessed to see and hear things from young people that inspire me. And after having a conversation with my good friend, Lauren, about skydiving this evening, I had a lot on my mind about Courage. Also, since the Celtic/punk band Flatfoot 56 band has been rocking my face the last few days, just know you’ll be seeing some quotes from their lyrics in here too

Courage, as defined by is the state of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain. Sometimes we do get caught up in teaching that courage is a byproduct of things like faith and hope. Not that it’s entirely untrue, that if you are in a good place with your faith and hope that you are usually a little more courageous. But it has to be important that we recognize the moments to grow in courage and then take the chances to affirm others when they show courage themselves.

Now when I was younger (and still now some too) I used the excuse that I was too stupid to be scared of the things I should! This could have involved an encounter with a horse, or someone bigger and stronger than me… There were also several times that I would be the “if he does it then I’ll do it guy”. Everyone knows when you’re a young boy that those moments come.

I remember a moment when I was fingered to show courage first. 4 guys, in our skivvies on a ledge over looking an ice cold lake outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas. The biggest words a boy can hear when he’s growing up.. “if you do it we’ll all do it!”. The next thing I know a few tentative steps turn into a run. My heart shoots to my throat as I’m in the air, that temporary feeling of flight. Gravity takes over and with gangly awkward grace I plunge into what I swore was water freshly shipped from Antartica! Pure cold invades the nerves of all of my senses telling with icy truth that I am fully alive! I come up with a chilling (not just metaphorically) yell. Looking up I see the “aww crap he actually did it” looks on faces that said “yes, they would soon be feeling the cold too!”

If only every time the moments that call for courage were as easy to deal with….So often our moments of courage deal with something much bigger. In the song “City on a Hill” Flatfoot 56 says, “Will you make your decision, are you chaff or are you wheat?”

Are you going to be something of worth? Are you going to be something that gives nourishment? Are you going to be something that can be used for good or are you going to get blown away with the refuse? Have no doubt that those are big moments.. And there is something very beautiful about those moments in that the roles that were discussed earlier get rearranged. In those moments, instead of hope and faith leading to courage. Greater hope and faith are the results of a moment for courage getting recognized and then acted upon.

The cool thing about courage is that it holds no prejudices to size, strength, or age. Whether it be a 5 foot tall petite girl who I have seen enormous amounts of courage from.. Or an 8th grade boy that I witnessed tonight take courageous steps to make the decision to not hide his God-given light, but understand that he must grasp courage to be the man God is calling him to be!

You may be in a moment or season that is calling for courage now. If not, be ready to recognize when it comes upon you. Or be ready with encouraging words for those that are in a moment themselves..

“passion’s not found in roses, but it’s in the thorns” Flatfoot 56 on “Born for This”
“Not because of a movie or a magazine
But because of your example you inspired me
Sacrifice in the midst of pain
You bring a tear to my eye when I hear your name” Flatfoot in the song “Courage”

Godspeed and God’s Peace


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