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Are you missing moments that give you momentum?

February 27, 2012

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder about this question….

“How long can someone live off the power of a really good kiss, or a really good hug?

This question (along with a cheesy smile) comes to mind every time I get a big hug or a kiss from my little boy. (There is a pic of one of those moments below, but don’t scroll down to the adorableness yet!) I mean I truly feel like when that happens for me, that it gives me an energy, a power not just to live forever, but to do or be anything! It is just something about that love that is a pure, authentic kind of love.. And you think Red Bull gives you wings?

I truly believe that God, wether we believe in Him or know him or not, is in the business of trying to show us moments like this on a regular basis. However, if we are honest with ourselves, there are many times that we either miss them or fail to recognize them. I think that this speaks to a powerful love by a powerful creator that He loves us and that He knows us well enough to know that we need be reminded of things like the power of love in our lives.

It’s sad to know that we find ourselves caught in a world that can move so fast that we don’t see those moments. Or we get so caught up in our selves or the hectic pace that we lose sight of those times or we forget about the need of those moments until its too late. Then we look in the mirror and see a person that we don’t like. That is missing something important about this life.. A person with a hole, that isn’t getting filled with money, materialism, fame, or anything that would qualify as less than authentic love.

But here’s the thing, Gods love always wins.

Understanding that can be so hard, sometimes even when we look in the mirror it is hard to imagine that God loves us even when we find it soooo hard to love ourselves, to love, others, to love the world and our journey through it..But love wins, and when we open our eyes it is there cheering us on, refueling us, giving meaning and purpose..

Authentic Love gives hope, and hope gives power. If it didn’t there would be no songs trying to describe it. No poetry or arts using beautiful things to help us understand it’s power. There wouldn’t be the story of WW 2 soldiers that gained hope and power from perfumed scented letters.. Little signs of love that gave them power to live, to make it home. There wouldn’t be the stories of people that gained strength and belief in themselves from a moment, a hug or a kiss or a look in the eye, from someone they loved. Strength that would assure them of purpose that would help them make a difference in this world..

The moments are out there.. Look for them, recognize them, cherish them, and let them fuel you.. And when the time is right don’t miss the chance to create one of those moments for someone that your love gives power and strength to…

Godspeed and God’s Peace

“it’s times like these we learn to love again” – The Foo Fighters




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