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That Dream Just Slapped Me In The Face!

February 24, 2012

More than once I have heard someone mention something like this.. “Well that was a dream that just went away” or “I lost that dream as I got older”. We all have said those words and I know that similar statements have slipped past my lips as I thought that a dream may be slipping away.

But when we say we lose dreams.. Do we ever really pay any attention to where they go?

I work with teens and I love how when they feel the need to “lose” some trash they can easily find a couch with cushions that will help them with that project. They will raise up from the couch knowing that they have let something slip away. But as we all know.. When the cushions are raised, seasons later, that which we thought was lost in fact was as right under our butts the whole time.

Just a short time back I was watching “Field of Dreams” with, Schylor, my little boy, (coincidentally?) after playing baseball in our backyard. Right there with an esoteric, gentle and loving slap in the face, a dream that I had completely forgotten about said “hey! Whats up?”. I suddenly remembered the first time I ever watched the film, as a teenager. I remember that I lifted a wish. I remembered that I lifted a hope and a dream.. truthfully one might could say that it was, unbeknownst to me, a prayer. To one day have a son to “have a catch” with….

I’ve had many dreams that have come and that I have dismissed as gone. Dreams that i have forgotten about when it was felt that it was time to move on. But there it was this dream, this hope, this prayer. It began dawning on me that I was about to miss one of my oldest dreams coming true right in front of my face. But there it was..I have a son that loves sports.. That loves baseball..not even three years old and he would rather I pitch to him instead of hit off a tee.. And the proud dad in me lights up when he hits more than he misses when I pitch to him.. Not long.. And hopefully for many years he will enjoy having a catch with his have those moments like in the picture. Icing on the cake was when Schylor yells cheerfully at an Aqua Velva (of all things) commercial “look! He’s playing baseball with his daddy!”

So there it was, a dream that I had forgotten about but never went away.

I know that not everyone looks at things the way that I do, nor should they. But who are we to think that something as powerful as a hope…Something as powerful as a dream…something as powerful as a prayer.. Will just go away because we forget about it, give up on it.. Or try to shove it under the couch cushions with all of our other trash (yeah, I mean trash metaphorically and literally!)

I hope that you as friends will realize that you have many dreams that have been forgotten or given up on that may be coming true. That our eyes are opened and our memories jogged and we don’t miss out on those dreams when they slap us in the face..

And also, why not dare to hope… That a dream that hasn’t come true, a hope that has been given to us, or a prayer that has been lifted is truly too powerful to ever just go away or ever be lost

Godspeed and God’s Peace

20120224-231857.jpg a dad and his son about to “have a catch”


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