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Are your relationships messy enough?

February 24, 2012


When I was 19 I entered into my first memorable messy relationship.

That pic isn’t him but it was with a black and white paint stud horse. He came to Mr. Jack’s as a spoiled, mean horse that was into biting people, scaring people, and getting his own way. I didn’t really want to, but let’s just say that I was challenged to engage in this relationship by my mentor. I was green, the beast was the definition of ornery and well.. we were going to find a way to get along.

It was a relationship that included blood, his and mine. It was a relationship that included sweat, his and mine. And to just to add a little seasoning to the mixture was some fresh Oklahoma dirt..this was all then placed to bake in the Oklahoma sun.

It was a messy relationship.

There was vulnerability, there was fear…There were fights, there were arguments, there were numerous butting of heads and ideals..

But in the end there was learning, there was peace made, there were goals reached… And did I mention that there was learning?

There is no doubt that I learned so much from that first very messy relationship. I learned valuable lessons that, as I reflect, have helped shape my life.

It’s not like it’s always hard to enter into relationships with people. Our paths are going to cross with others and we are either going to be hermits or we are going to engage. If we engage, then have no doubt that the chances are high that at some point, the relationship is going to get messy. This is where the tough decision has to be made.. And regretfully.. Many take this chance to disengage.

Many people feel that by disengaging in the relationship they will keep from losing… But if you are losing the chance to learn valuable lessons about yourself, and the other person…If you are losing a chance to see grace work…if you are losing a chance to shed some sweat and tears (hopefully no blood!)… Then I have to ask this question, are you losing more than what you may gain from a lack of hurt feelings?

Please understand that as I write this.. There are messes that I am afraid of too.. Messy relationships that need to be engaged in and messy relationships that need to be re-engaged in…

We all do.. So why not..we might just see a miracle happen.. At the very least we are going to learn something ..

Godspeed and God’s Peace


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  1. Jason permalink

    Well said Tee

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