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Would you ever go to a resort called Lent?

February 22, 2012


“Get Away”….

The slick-set commercials and magazine ads urge us to get away. To “escape”.

What if we really did it? I mean truly got away.. I’m not talking about to a posh resort that appeals to all of our deep set material needs. How about if we really got away, out into the desert, into the wilderness. What if we really took an honest assessment of what it is God is calling us to get away from?

I don’t like that I catch myself, as I get older, sometimes looking back to when I was 19. I lived in a camper and lived and worked with a horse trainer while going to college at that time. I look back and it seems that my possessions were a fraction to what I have now. Clothes, a truck, a horse, a saddle, and hope. That hope that could be described as nothing less than the naive stellar hope of a young man coming of age.

Now years later I have infinitely more, both metaphorically and definitely when it comes to material possessions. Which makes me wonder if that just means that there is more that I have to get away from.. thankfully I still have that stellar hope that is tied to my faith.

As we take the first small steps into the season of Lent, I feel a calling to take stock. Like it’s time to run some inventory. I definitely have more than I need. If there is one thing that may be scary to learn about from this inventory is the number of things I have. Things that enable me. Things that enable me to lean more on myself. Tangible things that keep me from leaning on faith, hope, and love, and the greater vision of a Creator that will blow away any worldly vision that is so addictive to focus on.

So it’s time. Time for some self-denial of things. To lose my selfish so called needs so they can be replaced by something more authentic, more pure, and greater. To do something which I have always personally found takes my greatest strength to do. The “simple” opening of my hands to let go. Letting go and thus giving.

Sometimes we think we are doing a good job of denying our selves and carrying our cross.. But how do we know? Especially when called to follow the one who actually created what we called eternity…can we even attempt to measure what we do against something so powerful?

Maybe that answer is out there in the desert, in the wilderness… Maybe that is why we are called to go out there.. Just as Christ did, with just the clothes on our back and the faith in our hearts..

Godspeed and God’s Peace


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