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We live in a world of finite….. don’t we?

As Schylor has really begun to enjoy the second half of his time of being 4 years old, he has started to gain an appreciation of the number. His appreciation ranges from being able to recognize the number to his knack for now organizing things in groups of 4. I have also noticed that his appreciation has grown for the relationships of numbers as well. He understands that 4 isn’t quite as cool as 5. He understands that becoming a “big boy” and growing has a proportion to the “number of years you are.”


I then scratched my head as this week I have begun to notice that he is asking for the time. It’s a natural thing for him to begin to develop this knowledge of numbers and quantifying things.

See that’s the thing. We live in a world of finite….. don’t we? It’s a question worth exploring.

The song from Rent, “Seasons of Love” tell us that we have 525,600 minutes in a year.
Kris Allen says we have 86,400 seconds in our 365 days of those years..
When I was young and falling in love with baseball, I was highly concerned about the fact that the Astros only had 27 outs in each game!! Sadly I think even if they would’ve had 42 this year it still wouldn’t have helped..

Our finite world leads us to get caught up in its numbers and we can get swept away all too easily. There is the size of our paycheck, the size of our home, the number of trophies on our shelf, the number of friends we have on facebook or followers on twitter, or even the number of views on our blog (psst!!! Go tell your friends about!!)

“WAITT!!! STOPP!!”, I hear the voices in my head say as even I get carried away with it.

It’s interesting how as humans we can find affirmation in those numbers. Isn’t that something? We find affirmation in finite things when we serve a Creator that deals in infinites. We measure happiness in the number of things we have or the things we have done instead of finding peace in the fact that we are blessed beyond measure.

The author Donald Miller talks a lot about living better stories. Quantifying our happiness with world’s finites can be a dangerous thing. Why? Well, I think that if we aren’t careful we can let some these numbers be misleading when it comes to the kind of stories that we are telling with our lives. What I mean is this: Are you letting the chase for a number lead you into just another boring or pointless story?

I work with young people and have had lots of conversations about how they have gotten caught up in finite numbers: How much money they are going to make, How many championships will they win, How much they are going to drink at the party this weekend.
My prayers for them is that they don’t get caught up in that chase for finite things, but instead they ask this question: How will they impact the world and make it a better place?

My belief is that the answer to that question isn’t quantifiable. I believe that when we live with a focus on making the world a better place we begin to understand that the other finites don’t matter. I believe that we will begin to see that everything we do to make the world better and to serve and love others; no matter big or how small will lead to unquantifiable blessings for those that we are called to serve. Living that kind of life can lead to a life of blessings beyond measure. Seriously, beyond measure!!! You can count on not being able to count them.

And making the world a better place… When you go there that’s where you find all the cool stories.

So …Do we live in a world of finite? Well, you don’t have to, the choice is all yours!

God’s Peace

P.S. If you want to see some proof of God’s infiniteness.. take a look a and you’ll see proof when you see beauty in creation that can’t be measured!!


When a Light never fades

ryan lightSo it’s been over a year since I’ve written with an intent to publish anything.  I restarted my page feeling that an urge to write was just around the corner.  With the passing of a young man today I felt called to write as I wrapped my head around thoughts, feelings,  and  some reflections.


Ryan as a Senior in High School when I first met him

We all know someone like Ryan, the young man that passed away today.  He was the guy that lit up a room when he walked in.  He had a smile for everyone that he greeted.  He treated everyone, young and old with heartfelt respect and appreciation.  Younger kids looked up to him, older people were inspired by him.  I met Ryan the first time a few months before I became the youth director at his church, FUMC Nacogdoches.  We instantly connected over our love for sports and especially soccer.  As it was revealed that I would be taking the position at his church, I daresay, his approval set the tone for acceptance from many of the other youth and help set the foundation for a successful season of relationships and ministry there in East Texas.  Ryan had an amazing gift, he was a natural born community builder.

Ryan was a runner, a district champion in the mile.  It was easy for him to be fast, just as it was easy for him to use his gifts as a community builder.  He carried the light that shined through his personality with him to college and was just coming of age when in a tragic automobile accident he suffered traumatic head injuries. For nearly four years the fight would last as he struggled with good days and bad days before succumbing to the long list of complications that came from the accident.  Ryan wouldn’t run again, until today..

During that time I focused a lot of my prayers on his younger brother, Scott.  Scott was in his junior year as this happened and dealing with the adjustments that were having to be made to take care of his brother..

Ryan and scott

Scott and Ryan after the accident

So this story leads to this one thing that I keep seeing throughout all of this..

Some would say that with his passing, a bright light has gone away. However the example of Ryan leads me to disagree with this.  The light that was given to Ryan that he used to “light up a room” has never gone away.  Nor will it ever go away.  His gift of being a community builder still came through as a community came together to support the family.  There of course was the church, friends, and people that formed.  One of my favorites was how someone new to the community that barely knew the family came into their lives to try and help with music therapy for Ryan.

And there were also the families, the community that lifted up Scott as he was forced to come of age sooner than he would have liked.  I watched as Scott handled everything with a quiet strength and grace that belied his age.  He became one of those young men that I would often think “Wow, if Schylor (my son) can be half the man he is someday…”

You see, this thing about light…

I’m no expert in science, but I remember what they say about energy.  Light is energy that we see.  And well, energy can’t be destroyed.  Now some will want to say that with Ryan’s passing, a light has gone away.  But I disagree.  I have seen that Ryan’s light, for those that were blessed enough to get to know him and his family, is a light that has been embraced and continues to inspire and light up others’ lives.  His light was energy for his brother to become the young man that he is.  His light is one that shines through me still as I work with other  young people that “light up rooms” when they walk in.

I’ve chosen to believe that his light won’t fade.  That it can be embraced by all of us.  That his story can shine like a beacon to all who wonder how grace and love work in this world.  It is in that way that we see the Creator’s miracle of energy as Ryan’s light will shine on forever in some way in this crazy world we live in.

Like I said, we all know someone that has moved on to a place where they can run again like Ryan.  They may be a grandfather, a co-worker, or a young man that lights up rooms.  I hope you have embraced their light as well.  May you feel their light continue to shine forever and ever in your story.  May their light continue to shine on how love and grace work in this world…

God’s Peace

(note, this story was written on October 28th and published on October 29th)

Taking your Touchdown Dance (and love) Seriously

LSU football, the ultimate gumbo!

Now that football season is underway (no this is not a post of misery about my winless Saints), I find myself getting caught up in what some affectionately call “The Pageantry” of the game.  After all many have heard about Friday nights here in Texas and all that high school football in this state encompasses.  The bands, the players, the rivalries; all of these serve as ingredients in the recipe that serve up a healthy dose of action every weekend.  The appetizer of Friday night lights give way to a college football Saturdays and then on to the desert of NFL football on Sundays.

However, watching football often brings back an important question I’ve had since my childhood.  Like most boys in this country, at some point in my life I have imagined being a pro football star.  Taking the moments of a pick-up football game during a playground recess and turning them into the fields of glory where I could score the winning touchdown.  Of course the crowd and teammates would rise with shouts of triumph as we entered into this moment of victory.  This is where we come to one of the most important aspects of being a NFL star.  Have no doubts that as kids growing up a lot of time was spent working on what is not a small technicality: The Endzone Dance.

Every star has that signature dance/celebration.  I wonder what kind of signature dance I would have to celebrate the touchdowns I would make… Would it be as simple as the dunk over the goal post like Jimmy Graham?   Would I have a well known slide or shuffle, borrowing from greats like Deion Sanders and Ickey Woods?

Mr. Elbert “Ickey” Woods, creator of the Ickey Shuffle

The end zone dance has become a well-documented phenomenon of American football life.  In our everyday life we have chances for many touchdowns and many victories.  How do we celebrate them?

My son and I often spend some time on my tablet playing an educational game.  As he gets better and better at recognizing his shapes and letters there is a touchdown dance and high five almost every time!   He’s three years old, so we have had celebration of life’s touchdowns and victories.  Using the potty, a good day at school, a trip to the zoo; these have all been touchdowns that we have celebrated over the last few months.   Every night after getting out of the bath he celebrates by giving the best dance and shake he can….what makes it funny at this point in his life is that he does it before he puts on his pajamas.  Every day, if I keep my eyes open he and I score touchdowns that help make each day feel like a win for the home team.

Sometimes it’s hard to find reason to celebrate anything in our lives.  Sometimes it’s hard to realize that we have gotten into the end zone.  Often enough we feel like all that we do just leaves us in situations that call for a punt while we see others marching up and down the field…

Now many that know me understand that I can be cheesy.  Many who know me have also grown to understand that I am definitely an idealist and in many ways an eternal optimist.  However I have learned lessons that have helped me embrace the touchdowns that I have been lucky enough to score.

One such lesson?  Never be afraid to take love seriously.

Some of the greatest stories, some of the most amazing touchdowns of life that we have seen come from those that live great lives.  One thing I’ve always noticed about people that live great lives is that they are never afraid to take love seriously.  They also make sure that the people around them, the people they love, and since people like this often serve in some way… they make sure that the people they serve know that they will never be afraid to do that; to take love seriously.

In the Bible, Ruth wasn’t afraid to take her mother-in-law’s love seriously.  David wasn’t afraid to take God’s love seriously.  The prophets called for all of us to not be afraid to take God’s love seriously.  And isn’t one of the greatest things about the gospel itself is the fact that God shows us in his incarnation as Christ that he was not afraid to take his love for us seriously?

As I have grown into my relationship with Christ I have made the decision to not be afraid to take love seriously.  I have come to believe less and less in blind coincidence and more and more in prevenient grace and providence and purpose.  I have chosen to believe that there is a higher power that helps guide us along the paths we follow and the people we cross paths with. I have also found out that we can choose to take the chance to love those people seriously.  That in turn has led to more and more relationships with depth and meaning and purpose.  Relationships that give reason for celebrating the many victories we can have in this life.

I have friends, people that I’m lucky enough to have relationships with that are in the midst of struggle.  People that feel like they just keep getting trucked and having to punt… You may be in one of these times as well.  Just know that I’m pulling for you and praying for you.  I hope you choose to not be afraid to take love seriously.  And I hope that in taking love seriously, you find yourself finding moments, big and small, to celebrate with your own signature touchdown dance…

God’s Peace!

Ski Slopes, Horses, and Getting In Our Own Way


I remember when I was 18 years old on the top of a mountain in The Outback of Keystone in Colorado and I finally figured out how to really ski. It was a nice steep blue, no moguls, just wide fast packed powder. I put the tips down and hit it. I embraced the speed and made myself a promise that I wouldn’t get in the way of the speed this time. Instead of trying to control it too much by making wide clumsy turns, I would let the skiing do what the skiing was supposed to do. Be fast, be exhilarating! The next thing I knew I was cruising, I slid myself to a stop and looked back to the slope I had just flew down with a rush. Don’t fight the speed, I remembered, you fight it or try to keep it from happening and the mountain wins as you tumble down it. When I quit trying to get in the way of the speed the the purpose that the blue slope was there, then my skill as a skier finally began to grow.
God gave me just a little sense.. He gave me a brain that enjoys thinking and that some would say is smart. Some of course would say that is completely debatable! If you were to ask me my faults however, I would list that one thing I have to work on at times is over-thinking things. When I begin to over think things, I tend to find myself getting in my own way. Or even worse, getting in the way of God’s plans.

I was taught many lessons by one of my mentors, Mr. Jack Holden, while I lived with his family to learn to work with horses. Probably the greatest of the lessons he taught me was how to feel. Working with horses is dependent on communicating with them and the primary way of communicating with them is through the sense of feel. Now for me that took a long time to develop.

The reason is mainly because I would over think it. When you are working with a young horse, overthinking can lead to tension. Tension leads to tightness. These are all things that the horse feels. The animal gets tense and tight because that is what is being communicated to it by your feel. Of course in these situations, it’s hard for anything good to happen because, you are getting in your own way of good communication.

Mr. Jack would probably tell you that he talked to me a lot about relaxing, of letting go of tension that I didn’t even know I had. I remember several of his big laughs after something good happened. He would be laughing and say something like, “see what happens when you feel! You’re smart but ya think yourself into getting into your own way!”

How many times have we gotten in our own way of growth, change, and becoming better. Sometimes we do it by over thinking God’s plans or purpose. Or sadly it’s because we do it by flat out refusing to let growth and positive change happen. The journey of following Christ calls for us to go through seasons of growing closer in that relationship. A relationship that transforms us, that changes us, that makes us grow. It is the best relationship you can have. And one thing about all of the “best relationships” that you know, they get closer together at times by the growth through tough times. No one likes pain. So we must acknowledge that some refuse to grow because they don’t want to go through it, thus getting in their own way for growth.

When we refuse to change.. To grow in God.. Are we then committing a huge act of selfishness?

Think about it.. If we refuse the experience of growing into the beautiful fullness of what we have been created for, then do we also refuse the world, not just God, a chance to benefit from the fruits that are born of living the great life we were created for…

I am quick to own the fact that I am an idealist. I do believe the world can be changed. That in small ways we can help things get to where God’s will is done “on earth as it is in Heaven”. I believe that everyone has a purpose, a reason, and that underlying all of that is the chance to answer the call to be who God created us to be. I believe that the more that people answer that call then the more heaven and earth are brought a little closer together.

If we let ourselves change and grow into the person that we were designed to be then I have faith that the fruits, the good things we do, will make the world a better place.. How cool is that?

I’m writing this in East Texas at the moment and what better example can we have than all the trees around here. Many writers have written about the amazing things they can teach us about what God does. For a tree, simply put, the miracle is all right there in the seed. The acorn drops to the ground and gets pushed into the soil, nourished by water and then grows into what it was designed to be: A strong beautiful oak that will give shade, provide a limb for a tire swing, and most of all provide fruit that will nourish other beings like squirrels and birds and give more oak trees! All of that in an acorn.. We just gotta get out of the way.


The miracle is right in you too.. God has designed a beautiful fruitful life for you to grow into. Yes growth involves some pain, but I promise the beauty of a life with purpose and meaning and the authentic love you discover in the relationship is worth the growing pains.

I pray that you won’t “think yourself into getting into your own way” or simply refuse to change and grow in Christ. I’d love to see how this world can be better because you made such an unselfish decision and showed all of the world your love..

God’s Peace

Looking For Answers to the Wrong Questions


One of the favorite things that my son likes to do when we go to a playground is find the tubes with the little speakers on the end of them.

“Daddy! Go over there and talk to me!” he’ll shout as he runs to one end.

I’ll go over and we carry on a great conversation, asking questions telling me whatever is on his little mind. He is enthralled by the magic of being able to communicate in this way. You can here the giggle in his voice the whole time. Almost always his first question is, “Daddy, what are you doing?”. Since he is three years old his next question is usually, “Why?”

We often find ourselves looking for reasons. Maybe you are a believer like me, maybe you are not… I would be willing to bet that at some point you have asked God, a cosmic force, or the world, “What are you doing?” and “Why?”. Don’t we wish it would be as easy as going to the other end of the tube with the little speaker on it and asking “Why?”, knowing we would get an answer right away…

Do you think that sometimes we may be asking the wrong questions? As humans we can get frustrated really easy with some answers that we get. But maybe we shouldn’t be getting mad about the answers instead of taking a look at the questions that we ask. Is this maybe the skill of the best debaters or those skilled lawyers like we see on TV? That ability to shape questions so that the answer a witness gives leads to the result that the questioner has already predetermined that they want to go…

The thing is, this life, this world, and these moments that we live in aren’t always predetermined are they?

As a guy that has been called to work with young people I think about these questions a lot. For example we often ask:
Where will you be in 10 years?
Perhaps the better question to be asking young people is something like:
How much will you have changed the world in 10 years?
Or maybe:
In the next 10 years, how many people would have seen God working in your life and been moved to explore the calling of a relationship with their Creator?

When we start to ask questions like that we start to get different kinds of answers.

Now don’t misconstrue what I’m saying here when it comes to asking questions and wanting answers from God. You won’t be able to get what you want from God because you are a skilled debater or know how to get what you want by using tricky questions. The God who created us isn’t here to debate with us. God is way to powerful and amazing to understand, much less debate. The Creator is also one that can’t be manipulated with a line of questions. He deals with straight forward naked honesty and intimacy. When we are pissed off at God, he’s okay with hearing that. When we are scared or confused, he is okay with hearing that How blessed are we that he deals with us in this naked honesty and intimacy not out of a sense of aloofness but because of his love for us.

I know that God feels us in our naked honesty and intimacy. He is a God that has expresses emotion. He heard the cries of the Israelites. As Jesus, he wept. He did that in moments of straight forward naked and honest intimacy with us and for us.

In moments of pain, loss, or moments of life serving up a crap sandwich; the feeling I hate the most is the feeling of insecurity. Insecurity makes me lose courage. It makes me question paths I’ve chosen and decisions I’ve made. It makes me focus on my shortcomings and faults. It makes me look at myself and doubt. It makes me wonder if I’m truly loved. It makes me doubt God’s presence. It makes me look up into the sky and ask with doubt…

“Where are you?”

I have often asked the wrong question, too. I have often asked “Where are you?” instead of asking, “God, where are we going with this?”

It’s taken me a long time to learn to ask the second question. Through all my trials, I learned that while God heard the first question, I would be too wrapped up in my insecurity to know that he was there the whole time. That it wasn’t him that made something bad happen, or let something bad happen because he went away for a bit. I don’t know if you believe or where you may be in your journey of relationship and faith.. But trust me, God is there.

When I start to ask the second question though, I begin to understand a little more. I start to realize that the place we are going is going to involve growth, learning, trust, and patience. I begin to know and own he fact that there is purpose in all things. A purpose that may not be understood till I look down the road behind me and realize God and I are at place called “the answer to the question you had about where we are going”.

I can’t begin to understand why God doesn’t answer right away. I do believe that the Creator gives us the answers when he believes that it is time for us to know. Often that time isn’t until we’ve trusted…Till we believe in God’s love for us and take the leap of faith to start stepping away from the insecurity of the hard, low moments of life.

Maybe that is the kind of trust and belief that doesn’t come from something too easy.. Like going to the other end of the tube with the little speaker on the playground.

God’s Peace

Lost Wifi Connection Turns Out To Not Be The End of World

“When I go astray,
When I lose my way,
Honey I go down,
To the wishing well”– Ryan Bingham from the song Wishing Well

I lost my Internet yesterday. Well, to be specific, the Wi-Fi in the youth building where I work.  I still had connection to the desktop but was ready to throw a fit to rival my 3 year old’s best ones since I couldn’t be connected on my iPad anywhere in the building.  I was hoping to show some point-of-view roller coaster video for the lesson the small groups would be discussing.  But no, ye evil gods of Wi-Fi! The inconvenience of being unconnected had me in an unhappy place.   In losing connection I thought I had gotten lost for the night!

Wouldn’t you know it, the lesson turned out fine.  The four small groups seem to have had great conversations.  The lack of an Internet connection was not a problem at all for them.  Of course they have authentic connections that truly matter.  They work on making those connections with each other stronger.  I dare say that they are working to make those connections unconditional.

We live in a world that is more connected than ever before, yet if we aren’t careful we find ourselves dependent on the wrong connections.  Often times it isn’t until we have gone astray and lost our way that we have to stop, and retrace our connection back to the things that really matter.  In the Bingham song that would be the wishing well.  What is it for you?

A world where you have connections running from your soul to your Creator, to your family, to your job, to the bills that you need to pay, to the time that is passing by, to the culture that wants to be your basis of validity, to a status, to power, to the person that just flirted with you, to the escape you need, to the competition.. Whew… In this world it is easy to get lost.  Or worse, it’s easy to feel all of those connections pull us apart.  Once we start to get pulled apart, it’s not just us… All of the important connections can get pulled apart as well.

“Said I’ve been gone for so long
I think the devil lost my name” RB- The Wishing Well

It is easy to let lots of unreal connections come between us and the ones that are truly authentic.  It is easy to lose sight of the fact that there are connections that are most important.  It is easy to lose sight of the fact that every connection we make can be one that makes the world a better place or that just makes it a place.

I consider myself blessed, when doing what I do; I get to witness young people begin to make connections between what they may be doing and a full, purposeful and Godly life.  In the junior high boys group last night, an 8th grader told the story about seeing another member of the group that is a 7th grader in the halls at school the last few weeks.  The older youth made a remark at how much he enjoyed the few minutes every day to hang out with this quiet, unassuming guy in a place outside of church.  The 7th grader shrugged it off as no big deal with his words.

However, the lift of his chin, the rise of his shoulders, his unspoken words affirmed how much he appreciated a real connection.  A connection, which if nurtured and taken care of, will be one that lasts.  One of the real connections that may bring them back when all the other connections threaten to pull their individual lives apart.  There was beauty in the fact that the two young men didn’t even realize what was going on in the background, underneath their actions.

Later in the conversation we revisited what was going on there.  Eyes were opened as they began to think about how a simple decision was making a change.  They thought that it was a simple connection until they began to imagine what it could mean.  They began to realize that there was something cool happening.  This thing called hope was wrapping around the cords of the connection and making it stronger!

I urge you to check your connections. Disconnect from what isn’t pure, what isn’t authentic. Grace isn’t always easy, but it’s always free.  Put faith and hope in that grace as you work hour way back to the connections that really matter.  Make sure the ones that really matter are solid and strong.  If you need to work on them, may your sweat pour until you get the work done to solidify them.  And I hope you know that when working for this great good that you are never working alone.


My favorite connection and me. Amazing photo credit due to my friend at

When I lose my way, when I go astray… When I find I am starting to lose connection I get back to the connection that matters so much to me.  My son brings me back to everything so quick, reminding me of my connection to him, to my love for him, and to God who has blessed me with him.  That unconditional love that God has for me that has been shown to me by being a father is the connection that puts all others into perspective…May God Bless you and your true connections

God’s Peace

Superstitions, Struggles, Love, and The Search for Peace

Back in May I was making my way towards my gate in the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans when I strolled into a newsstand.  I needed to pick up some supplies for the flight.  I selected some cinnamon gum, some new headphones for my iPhone, and a Sports Illustrated magazine.  For as long as I can remember, every time that I fly I pick up a copy of the magazine.  Yes, I was a baseball player all through high school, yes I had superstitions, and yes maybe this is an old one.

Would I be afraid to fly without an SI? No, I wouldn’t.  However, I love the photos, I get lost in an article every time.  And call me shallow or silly, but in all the times that I have flown with a copy of Sports Illustrated it’s been a nice flight.  Could you say that the weekly sports magazine gives me a nugget of peace?

On the cover of this issue was a picture of the recently deceased Junior Seau, who has died because of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in an apparent suicide.  In the corresponding article, written by Jim Trotter, was a line that has stuck with me.  The part was a quote from former teammate Rodney Harrison.

“He would tell me the only time he truly felt at peace was when he was with his children or in the surf.” the author would go on to say “junior was always searching for peace”

Always searching for peace…  Wow, what an interesting comment on a common thread that seems so common in at least western humanity.  This is a quote that can be heard coming from a minimum wage fry cook, a middle-class boutique owner, or a millionaire pro athlete.

The article talked about all of the good things that Seau did for his community.  How he remained very much a hometown boy that didn’t let the money or fame change him as much as we would think it could or should.  He seemed a man that understood grace as proven by his example of giving it.  Still, no matter the accomplishments on the field or the giving back what he could to those in need… There was always a search for peace.

I must also add that also mentioned was the current issue of trends of depression in former NFL players due to repeated hits to the head and the stress that it’s causing on the brain.  I’m not here to write about that, or overlook it… But in my opinion the lack of peace was the saddest thing that led to the loss that was suffered by family and friends.

Hundreds of surfers pay tribute to Seau in a paddle out. Honoring his memory in one of the few places he found peace. Photo courtesy of

So at the end of the day, is peace one of the greatest gifts or treasures that we can ever wish for?

It is a subject of poetry, songs, art… It is a common character in advertising, letting us know that if we buy this or go there that we will find it…  And for some it is the most elusive of feelings, found only in moments that flit by too fast.

As one that has been a searcher for peace, I am far from an expert on finding it; but I have tried to learn from my hunts in the past.  What if have discovered over my searches is that a) when I look too hard for it… I never find it and b) it is easy to mistake power, money, fame, or in-authentic happiness for peace.

It wasn’t until I began to realize those things that I realized while the search isn’t always easy; I was capable of making the search more difficult than it should be.

The more that I have learned about unconditional love the more I have learned about peace.  The more that I have learned that I am loved unconditionally; the more that I have learned to feel peace. The more that I have learned about letting go of the things that get in the way of unconditional love, the more I have learned about accepting peace.  The more that I have learned about acting with unconditional love, the more that I have learned to see peace be shared others.

In my journeys, in my story, those lessons have come because of a relationship with my Creator.  In my times of working to draw close to my relationship with God is when those moments of beautiful, still peace and quiet joy have been found.

And yes, as with any relationship, it is hard work.  Learning about unconditional love has never been promised to us to be an easy lesson.  Oh but it’s a treasure that is worth breaking out a shovel and digging for!

This question about finding peace… I know that this is a subject that has had millions of words given to trying to find an answer.  I’m no expert… I’m just a guy that tries his best for my son, my friends, and the young people I serve… I’m sure I will spend some more words on them again in these pages…

I hope these few words help some. I assure you that peace can be found, in love and with hope and faith. And since you are loved, it’s never, I promise never as far as you think it may be. Ask for help if you need it… Let yourself be loved… And work to learn more about how to let it be part of who you are…

May peace find you tonight
like a breeze through your window,
sit by your light.
Let it warm by your fire,
and laugh with delight.
Like a heavenly choir
may peace find you tonight– Reckless Kelly (you won’t be disappointed if you look it up)

God’s Peace